Top secret bunker, confined space survey

Technics Group undertakes many weird and wonderful surveys during the year, one of the most notable and interesting of which are the confined space exercises. These usually entail a difficult environment with challenging access and working conditions.

We have a crew of confined space trained staff who with their expert knowledge, experience and pragmatic tenacity always come up with an acceptable and safe method of operation in order to achieve our client objectives.

We recently undertook a preliminary investigation into an ex government underground tunnel and bunker complex at a secret location in Surrey. The bunker, which was a strategic out of London base, has not been used since the war. This project involves a geotechnical investigation, concrete structure investigation, GPR survey and condition survey of the complex which is approximately 10m underground, and will be carried out in phases over the course of the year. This will involve traditional survey methods, laser scanning, GPR and invasive and non-invasive geotechnical works.


As you can see from the smiles on everyone’s faces we love a challenge no matter how dark, wet and cold it is!

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