RICS Regulation

Technics Group is delighted to announce that it is now Regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. Following a vetting procedure over the last few months we have been notified that we have been approved.

In June 2007 RICS launched a principles-based regulatory regime. Participation in this innovative and bold new regime, based on the principles of Better Regulation, will provide RICS firms with reputation and business benefits in the eyes of clients, government and the public. ‘Regulated by RICS’ will become the recognised and essential mark of regulation throughout the property sector.

One of the key changes brought about during the recent overhaul of RICS’ regulatory regime is in the way RICS now regulates firms. Firms of all sizes can benefit from the new, streamlined approach and clear and simple principles-based rules.

There are key benefits to our clients of us being an RICS Regulated firm. The professional standards that set our firm apart from others increases client confidence. As a regulated firm we are required to complete an annual return. This includes providing information on our professional indemnity insurance, training, complaints handling and clients’ money.